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    We love a summer video! And we’re happy to share a new favorite with you. It was developed by James Wang and Khalil Drayton, who are undergraduate Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy New York. Their research was directed by Professor Jose Holguin-Veras at RPI and funded by the National Science Foundation. To our delight, the students used CIDI’s Greatest Good Donations Calculator.Can you see where? Check it out!

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Welcome to USAID CIDI

Giving Survivors What They Need

In the past five years, a majority of Americans have made donations to relief organizations in the aftermath of natural disasters. USAID CIDI is an education organization that helps donors make the most of their generosity by using Smart Compassion. Through cash contributions, relief organizations can do more good for more people, with greater speed and sensitivity than with unrequested material donations. Cash donations provide medical and other life-saving services now, and rebuild infrastructure later. Learn more

 Who We Are

USAID CIDI is an education organization that is focused on effective public donations in support of disaster relief. Created by the U.S. Agency for International Development in 1988, USAID CIDI works with the Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance (USAID/OFDA), which leads and coordinates the U.S. Government’s humanitarian assistance efforts overseas.

USAID/OFDA responds to an average of 70 disasters in more than 50 countries every year, with a mandate to save lives, reduce human suffering and reduce the social and economic impact of humanitarian crises worldwide. USAID CIDI was established to inform the public about the best ways to donate in support of relief efforts. USAID CIDI does not accept or distribute donations, but does collect and disseminate information to enable individuals and groups to provide the most effective assistance to people affected by disasters.
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More resources for informed giving

  • CIDI Toolkit


    Demonstrating Smart Compassion: What You Can Do

    You can help to save lives and reduce human suffering after disasters by providing proven guidance within your community, schools, parishes, sororities and fraternities. Sound good? It is enormously good.

    Visit the toolkit to get started »

  • Donating to Disaster Relief Toolkit

    Help Where It's
    Needed Most Toolkit

    This toolkit was developed by the AdCouncil to help organizations effectively communcate the benefits of monetary doantions in support of disaster relief efforts.

    View the Disaster Relief Toolkit »

  • greatest good donation calculator

    Greatest Good
    Donation Calculator

    How much do you think it costs to send bottled water to Kinshasa? Find out »

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